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    Bar Chart from Static Data





      callref   groupid   repid   udid   udindex   udtype   Updatetime   updatetxt   count(cust_name)  
      195722SERVICE DESKwillmq11306750332918/04/2013Logged From Inbound Email (Mailbox: Group Services I.T. Service Desk, 1 
      195722IT SUPPORTcookaz11307111118/04/2013Call assigned to the IT SUPPORT group by cookaz (switched in group context)1 
      195722IT SUPPORTaliaz11307292118/04/2013Call was accepted by aliaz and the response time was acknowledged and achieved.1 
      195722IT SUPPORTaliaz11308953118/04/2013Hi Asif, Still can't get in after resetting my password to tipton123 on Samba which Colin did for me. See if yiu can try or will have to wait until Dave S is back in1 
      195722IT SUPPORTaliaz1130896451418/04/2013The Username on samba whitcb.docx file has been added to the call by aliaz1 
      195722IT SUPPORTaliaz11327215102523/04/2013I have advised user to map the share by putting the following logon format Username: cyborg61\whitcb and then the password for that server which is now working fine, Chris to further action this call and have requested to pass this call to him.1 
      195722SERVICE DESKwillmq11327226123/04/2013Call assigned to whitcb by willmq1 
      195722FINANCIAL SYSTEMSwhitcb11328677123/04/2013Call accepted by whitcb1 
      195722FINANCIAL SYSTEMSwhitcb11328688123/04/2013chris tested it works at Green Lane1 
      195722FINANCIAL SYSTEMSwhitcb11328699123/04/2013have arranged for this to be made available for Chantelle next week.1


      The above table is a copy of all the information that occurred on a specific call (call refL 195722).  In the updatetxt field we have information that user has not input such as call accepted by, call assigned to etc.  We need to create a chart that counts the call ref (in this case 1), and then enters into a Bar Chart the month in which the call was accepted or assigned.  However as we the above call on the 18/04/2013 under udindex no2 the call was accepted, however it was then accepted again on 23/04/2013.  If we were running the report on the 30/04/2013, we would like this to show that the call has been accepted.  Is this possible?