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    How to load a number of rows within a specific range.

      Hi everyone,
      I got the following situation:
      My datasource is an Excel file which contains more than 7500 rows. However, the application which I need the data for only supports a max load of 2500 number of rows at a time. Therefore i would like it to load the data in multiple stages. 
      I was wondering whether it is possible to load the data in 3-4 stages by defining the range of row numbers in the script. For example; the first 2500 rows:
      [Table X]:
      First 2500 Recno() as ID,
      Then I want  Qlikview to resume by starting loading from Row number 2501 to 5000 and so on.
      I can also achieve this by editing the source data. However, i rather dont want to make any modifications in the original datafiles.
      Your help is much appreciated!