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    Accumulation option in Chart properties

      Hi All,


      I have a straight table where I have Year-Month,Business Area (A,B,C,D) as my dimensions and I have a expression Sales MAT(MAT-Moving Annual total).In this chart I am showing the latest 3years of data.Lets say we are in May 2013.. so the chart would contain data from May 2013 to Jul 2010 (36months of data).so If I want to see the sales for April 2013. then we sum up all the sales from Apr 2013 to May 2012 ( 1year back) .Attaching the sample data for ur reference.


      For Apr 2013 the sales should come as 75,309 by summing all the previous 12months of data.for this I have selected the option of accumulation in the chart as

      Accumulation =12 .but it is not working.



      The sales value showing for individual Month -Year and Business area combination (Row wise) data is corect but the chart is failing to accumulate the data.



      Any suggestions about this please??



      Thanks in advance.