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    Reports greyed out when "runas" login from .bat file onto Access point

    Gerald Schooten

      Hello People,


      I have a user that has to login by a "runas" username - iexplorer.exe - file.qvw possibility of a .bat file. To use the Access Point logged in like another NTuser.


      The login procedure works and the user is able to see the QV that he needs to see. But, here comes the bad part, the Report functions has been greyed out. I found the following options to check:


      - There is no default printer selected for that specific username that logs onto the Access Point.

      - Allow Printing (even if export is prohibit, is switched on)

      - Open File -> Document Properties -> Server -> "Allow Server Reports"


      The items above didn't work for me.


      Does somebody else has the same problem? And knows a solution? That would be awesome.


      Thanks in advance,