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    Set analysis query

    Saurabh Pandit

      Hi all,


      I am facing the following scenario and wanted your guidance.


      I wish to count a field [Work Day Flag]


      Such that all the current selections "do not" affect the count.


      For doing that I can use a simple {1}. But moreover I want certain fields to be included for example [Time bucket]={Current} and [Work Day Flag]={0}.


      I want your help in creating a Expression that will ignore all the current selections and apply the above selections on the Universal Data set for the application.


      All i could try was following: =count({1*<[Time Bucket Type]= {CURRENT},[Work Day Flag]={0}>} [Work Day Flag]) but selections done are changing the count.


      Hope I am clear.

      Feel free to ask if more information is required to help me create the expression..


      Thanks a ton to all for replying.


      Saurabh Pandit