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    Execution of script failed. Empty reload required

      Hi all,


      I have a problem with a Qlikview documente where I have been using Resident tables, Stored .qvd files, inputfields and scriptting macros.


      Although these combinations seems "dangerous" for this particular case it is mandatory as I will explain.


      Resident tables ---- they will be used to estimate future values.


      Sore .qvd files ---- to avoid the use of unnecesary Resident tables they will be stored in "axuliar" .qvd files where then will be loaded directly from them


      Input fields    ---   it is required since the user will modifiy "manually" data in the dashboard. They are use at the very end of the script to avoid problems with                                     resident or relationship.


      Scriptting macros --- they will be used to delelte the auxiliar .qvd files created to avoid residente tables.


      Additionally I have avoided the use of functions such as "isNull( )" and I used insted "len( )" functions .... since I read that it sometimes will cause problems.




      Everything works fine all together. However, SOMETIMES the  ERROR "Execution of script failed. Reload old data?" without explaining anything in the log file neither in any displayed message and neither using the ErrorMode=0 and usign the variables "ScriptErrorList" or "ScriptError".


      The problem is that the document works PERFECTLY when i keep using the same dates, BUT SOMETIMES (others not) when I change some parameter (related with the estimation period of time) this error appears and I should do and empty reload to avoid this problem. Once I perform this empty reload the document continues working perfectly on every reload. However every time i change some parameter I have to perform this operation (empty reload and then it will woks again).


      The problem is that i don't find this very useful.

      Is there any possibility to perform a empty reload automatically and then continue executing the normal script in a transparent way for the users?

      Or how I can solve this problem?


      Thank you all for your help and time.


      Best regards.