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    Internet explorer 32 bit - out of virtual and/or logial memory

    Michael Ionkin

      Dear all



      we are running out of virtual and/or logial memory on the client side (Access Point).



      Server: 64 bit 16 gb RAM

      Clients: 32 bit 2,6 gb RAM




      After changing one performance consuming report to even more performance hungry report our client pcs are running out of memory.


      What is really interesting is that also the server ran out of memory (when using the access point)  although the ressource monitor showed differently.

      We than changes the IE version to 64bit  the report did not result in an error.


      Well unfortunately the installation of 64 bit on client side is not possible (Win XP).



      Is there any possibility we can resolve the problem.



      Im also really interested why it happens.

      I mean its true the report consumes more than 5 gb and 32bit IE versions cant handle it. BUT

      why is QV letting the clients do the work - I mean therefore we have a server and clients connecting via Acces Point.



      Or does it sth to do with QVPlugin???




      Thank you in advance