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    Failed SQL connection after migration to new QV Server

    Felipe Carrera


      i need any help on this. I can run my QV documents, but i cannot access "views" and all tables from the databases i connect to. This is, i can run existing applications, but cannot use new tables on them.


      We migrated QV from a machine to another one. Main facts:


      1. QVS same version 11 SR2

      2. I recreated in the new machine the data sources

      3. After the migration, i addapted all QV documents and reload all of them. They worked

      4. Usernames and passwords to access to my data sources are the same, before and after the migration (i still use the same rights)

      5. Before the migration i could still access all tables and views i needed

      6. After migration this is not possible.

      7. We used in the first machine we have sql 2005 and in the second (new machine) SQL Server Client 10.


      i do not know if the is may be a problem. We installed in the new machine updated software and did not want to use the same versions as in the old machine.

      Do you have any other hints on this?

      much appreciated