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    Questions about Publisher



      I want to ask a question about Publisher.

      The reload task for a QVW, I mean the execution of the ETL script, is performed by the Publisher (Qvd) or by the Server (Qvs)?


      In a cluster environment where I have to install the Oracle client? In the Qvs server or in the Qvd server?

      How many resources does the Publisher need in term of Ram and CPU?



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          Bill Britt



          The Distribution service is what runs this. It does it using QVB.exe and in a cluster environment the Oracle drivers would have to be on the machine that the Distribution service is on.



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              I'm sorry but I know that the server do the reload task and the publisher do the reduction.

              Isn't this correct?


              If I install both the services the Publisher will performe all the reloading tasks?

              The server will ONLY serve the client for document analysis?


              How many RAM and CPU does Publisher requires?

              To install more than a distribution service (Publisher) I need a specific license key that enables clustering for the Publisher? Something like for the Qvs?


              It's possible that the Publisher publish in a root folder different from the one I have setted?

              Where I have to check?


              Thanks a lot