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    Publisher mount folder



      I have a QlikView Cluster environment with 2 Qvs and 1 Qvd (Publisher)..

      I have configured a Sharepoint folders and stored there the SourceDocumens and the Documents folder for the cluster.

      The root folder for the Qvs is Documents while the data folder for the Publisher is SourceDocuments.


      I have several tasks with the distribution task but the problem is that some task the document is correctly published in the Documents folder while for other task documents are published is a sub folder, called "Root folder", under the main Documents folder configured.

      The Publisher automatically create the •Root folder" if it does not exist.


      What I have ti check to correc this behavior?

      I have manually modified all the XML files in the Publisher folders (the tasks folder) to set the "mount point" as empty.

      In fact for some XML files it was set to "Root folder".


      Initially everything works fine but after one day it began again to Publisher under the "root folder", and in fact I have that the XML files were modified again.


      What i have ti check?

      The Qlik version is 11 SR2



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          Please test with re-naming your folder to something else then Root.

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            also, I would check if QlikView cluster is properly configured. It seems that Publisher 'sees' two separate QlikView Servers instead of cluster.



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              Rob Wunderlich

              I ran acrosss this problem recently after making some manual changes to the QVPR. Never did figure out what my editing error was, but corrected the problem like this. For those tasks that were going to "Root Folder", in the task Distribute pane, the Mount dropdown showed an old incorrect mount name. I changed the dropdown to Root Folder and that corrected the problem.



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                  in the QEMC I have setted the QVS Root Folder to a share like this "\\myserver\Document$".

                  Bith QVS work fine.


                  On the Distribution Service I have setted the path "\\myserver\SourceDocument$".

                  Distribution Service tasks are simply going to reload and publish their own document on the "Root Folder", which I expect matches the one I have defined as a Root Folder for the QVS ("\\myserver\Document$").


                  I have checked all task on the QEMC and each one have the "Root Folder" correctly specified as the mount.

                  But when I execute the task some go correctly on  "\\myserver\Document$" while other go to " "\\myserver\Document$\Root folder".

                  The Distribution Service automatically creates the "Root folder" if it doesn't exist ( I have even try to delete it, nothing has changed).


                  So I have check the XML file configuration in "Tasks" folder under the Distribution Service path on the file system.

                  I have verified that some files has setted "Root Folder" as mount, while other has setted "" as mount.

                  I changed everything to "" and for some hours everythig works fine, but the next day everything was changed again.


                  All tasks coming from a migration from QlikView 10 SR4, and now I'm working with the last update of QlikView 11 (not 11.2).

                  What I have to check again ?


                  It sounds really strange!


                  Thanks a lot