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    Calculated Dimension Grouping

    Louwrie Terblanche

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate it if someone can help here.


      I came acrros a thrread that show how to strip out the time out of a datetime field. This will work great for me. Attached is the example and my problem market with red.


      The problem is i want to show sales per hour, i get a timestamp when the sale is made ddmmyyyy hh:mm:ss. This calculated dimension strip out the hour nicely the only problem is now it shows the hour in duplicates and dont summerize it by the hour. I also need to sort it that it show in the right sort order by starting with first am then to pm


      The calculated dimension is:

      = Date(date(datetimefield), hh ss)


      The calculated dimension show the sales per hour like this for instance:

      hour             sales

      =====         =====

      6 am             20

      6 am             50

      8 am             10

      9 pm              20

      7 pm             11

      6 am              10


      it should show

      hour           sales

      =====        ======

      6 am            80

      8 am            10

      7 pm            11

      9 pm            20


      Thank so much