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    OR condition for Selection

    venu Rao



      I have 2 Lists as Country and Region.


      If I select Country as America and Region as Africa, the data selected in Qlikview should contain both Country = America and Region= Africa.


      Normally Qlikview would use an AND operator, and give me a data set which would contain America and Africa. This logically would retrun 0 rows. But I want boh of the selected data to be present for further analysis.


      Please suggest.




        • Re: OR condition for Selection
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You can make this selection manually by first selecting Africa in Region, then selecting all possible values in Country. Next clear the Region field. Finally press the ctrl key and keep this key pressed down while you select America. You can now create a bookmark to save this selection so you can easily activate it later again.


          You can also create this kind of selection in set analysis expressions. If for example you currently have an expression sum(Sales) you can change this to sum({<Region={'Africa'}>+<Country={'America'}>}Sales). The new expression has the selection hard-coded into it. You could use variables to make it more flexible: sum({<Region={'$(vRegion)'}>+<Country={'$(vCountry)'}>}Sales). By changing the values of the variables vRegion and vCountry you can change the selection in the expression.