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    QV Server v11 SR2 - Manage user easily - special caracters

      Hello all,


      I have a little worry to manage the Authorization on my QlikView Server.

      We have configured a Directory Service Connector on a LotusLDAP (Domino Server). It works well, but it seems that some characters are handled differently from the others. I added all the entries with the same process, but some are not in the list and are displayed differently. So... a picture is worth a lot of words.


      Add user - problem with special characters.jpg

      So the problem is with the management, when you have to configure and manage/review a lot of differents groups and users, you have to look in the Selected Users list and in the Manual Input of User Names.


      Why don't they all stay in the Selectud Users list ?


      Has someone experienced this problem ? Can someone confirm it is linked with specials caracters (# in my case) ? Has someone an idea that could help me to manage the groups correctly without renaming it all in my Directory ?


      Thanks in advance