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    Problem in Container/Drag-and-Drop/Security in browser mode

      Dear Team,


      I am facing some problem and have some concerns when using QV in browser mode. I am using QV 11 SR1 and using IE 9.


      1. My dashboard has container which does not appear in browser mode. But it appears and works fine when I open it in desktop version.


      2. Drag-and-Drop functionality in pivot chart does work in browser mode only when I choose "IE plugin" as my preferred client (the option which is available in top-right corner of the screen, just below your login name). It does not work in other options available in preferred client drop-down list.


      3. I am using NTFS Authorization for dashboard security (Qlikview Management Console > QlikView Server Settings > Security > Authorization). The problem is, user are able to see thumbnail of dashboards they are not authorized for. Though, when they click on thumbnail, qlikview throws an error of authorization. But client's requirement is that user should not able to see even thumbnail of dashboards they are not authorized for. We have created several folders for all departments and put QV file on these folders. We provide security on these folders to avoid unauthorized users.


      4. I have a Bar graph chart which displays monthwise sales. This graph displays values either in Quantitative or in Value. I have provided a Text object on right side of chart which have "Set variable" action and changes a variable to 1 and 2 (toggle). There are 4 expressions, 2 for Quantitative and 2 for Value and these expressions is set to enable on condition. The problem is, when we see this dashboard on browser, it displays all of the 4 expressions. Conditional enable is not working in browser mode in my case.


      I am stuck in these points. Your valuable support is highly appreaciated.


      Thanks in advance.