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    Best Practice for QVD Date format

    J K



      I have two projects - one is creating QVD from DB and the second one is using those QVDs as front end application.


      I have a lot of Timestamp fields. I'm trying to find out the best way how to handle those and their format. I can see two ways:


      1) Format the Timestamp in the data layer project and store it in this way in QVD. I'm just having some problems with this and I'm not sure if QVD store exact string represenation of the timestamp I gave it to it before saving. Or if it keeps only the number.


      2) Store it anyhow as formatting will be done in front end. What I'm affraid of here is that the formatting of those fields in tables can slow the front end which is something I would like to avoid.


      Can someone help me find what the best practice is?






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          Jonathan Dienst



          I would set the formats in the data layer and store the formatted values in the QVD. That way, if there is a change in the format of the stored data, only the data layer needs to be updated and the data contract between the front end and the data layer is maintained.


          Hope that helps


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            Mohit Sharma

            the best way is to maintain the data of timestamp and date in backend because there's your format fix and you have to work on regarding field but doing this in front end if you creates lot of tab then you have to type manually that format in  a particular object, so with best  practise you have to do it on back end rather on front end appliction

            hope it helps