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    Dimension rows all showing total calculation, rather than row level

      I am trying to build a table which compares a Doctors mix of certain Procedures to the same mix of procedures for all doctors nationally who have the same Taxonomy ( Specialty ) code.


      I'm able to successfully calculate each Doctors value, but the National value is always showing up as the total for the entire set, as long as I have made no selection by the Doctor.  If I make a selection on a Dr., then the National value is correct for that Doctor, I assume because then the total is the same as the selection.


      My data is split through the field called %Source.  In our application, %Source is always selected as 'My Data'.  The rows where %Source = 'Market Data' represents the National data that I'm trying to compare to.


      I've attached a QVW with sample data that displays this behavior.


      I've tried experimenting with various combinations of the aggr function, the TOTAL keyword, etc.  If I take out the TOTAL keyword on the outer SUM, then none of the national values are correct.  This is the closest I've been able to get, and I'm out of ideas/QV knowledge.


      In the table "E&M National Outliers"


      What I currently have:


      DoctorMy ProfileNational
      Dr. One


      Dr. Two150.0000%110.0800%
      Dr. Three134.8571%110.0800%


      What would be correct:


      DoctorMy ProfileNational
      Dr, One97.1429%113.2200%
      Dr. Two150.0000%128.7800%
      Dr. Three134.8571%102.1800%



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.