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    avg and if function in one formular

      Hello together,


      i have an formula of two things, the one thing is the avg formula and the other thing is the if condition:


      AVG({<[Undertenthousand]>} [Anz Tage])


      This formula calculate the average of the column "Undertenthousand" of the days.


      if(Währung <> 'EUR', EffektwertSumme*Kurs, EffektwertSumme)


      This formula look, if the currency is not EUR, then multiple Effektwert with Kurs, otherwise take EffektwertSumme


      Do you know, how can I cobinate this two formulas in one formula.


      Thank you.



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          sushil kumar



          your requirement is not clear.. do you want to integrate the AVG() function inside the if condition.?


          then try this:


          if(Währung <> 'EUR', EffektwertSumme*Kurs, AVG({<[Undertenthousand]>} [Anz Tage]))

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              no, that is not the right solutions.


              Here a better introduction to my problem:


              I have the problem that I have different currencies in the column "Währung" like US Dollar. In the other hand  I have a colum for the currency rate "Kurs".


              The formel without the currency is "Avg({<[Undertenthousand]>}[Anz Tage])"


              The column "Undertenthousand" is a if condition in the load script


              "if(Effektsumme<'10000', EffektSumme) as Undertenthousand"


              The if condition shows the Effektsumme under thousand and save it in Undertenthosuand.


              Now I want to include the currency in the formula, that caculate, if there is no "EUR" then calculate the currency with rate, that i have the amount in euros.

              Next step is that this calculated amount (currency*rate) should if it under ten thousand Euros to save as "Undertenthousand"


              I hope is better to understand.