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    Multiple Set Intersections & Unions

      Hello Community,


      I am in need of set analysis advice.


      I am using multiple set selections to find their intersections and add them together (ie. {<...>*<...>+<...>*<...>}). This worked just fine for me up until now. I've isolated the issue to a "prior date" selection that I'm adding to my set. It's purpose is to enable me to compare two timeframes. When I leave the prior date selection out, the set analysis returns what I want it to but when added in, it zeros out the results.


      Here is an example of the code that I'm working with:


      1. This works!






      } [Count Net])


      2. This doesn't.



      <[Client]=P(),[Submit Dt]={">=$(vPastStartDt)<=$(vPastEndDt)"}>*<[Client]={"NV*","*W"}>


      <[Client]=P(),[Submit Dt]={">=$(vPastStartDt)<=$(vPastEndDt)"}>*<[Client]={"STR*"}-{"*W"},[Flag]={1}>

      } [Count Net])


      I've been struggling with this issue for a few weeks now and am really open to any suggestions.


      Thank you in advance for your help and insight!