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    QlikView Resource Usage at Client Side

    Jaspal Singh

      Hello All,

      I have a query regarding the Resource usage at client side?

      If I open one document(QVW) in Client Browser, which is of Size 500 mb in Server.

      Whats RAM its using in client side and any other resouces?

      What's the difference if I use IE plugin or Ajax, Which one will be light on Client Browser.


      When I opened 1 MB QVW in Client Browser using Ajax, in task manager I can see some size of IExplorer.exe taking.

      Now When I Create new sheet object table and pull all the columns and then again I watch this in task manager, the size of Iexplorer.exe shows 300 times more.


      This will be good to get some Architecture and QlikView support Answer on this. What the information we storing in Client Browser and how it get cleared? How resouces at Client side in use?


      Thanks in Advance.



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