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    QvAjax.js crashes on IsActive property

      Hello all!


      I'm fairly new to QlikView, but have a decent background in website development. I'm currently working on a few custom extension objects for a client, but over the last 3 weeks I'm facing an issue I cannot seem to fix. So hopefully someone in this community can point me in the right direction.


      When using the geo extension I'm developing everything seems to work fine at first. But after using the dashboard for a while it crashes with an error on the 'IsActive' property in QvAjax.js. See attached screenshot for the exact message.



      I even have gone as far as digging through the QvAjax.js code and found that the 'IsActive' property is only used twice within the same function 'SetSearchableAndActives'.


      I hope someone knows how to fix this problem as it prevents the use of my extension and therefor the use of QlikView within the client organization.


      Some Background:

      • I'm working with QV 11 SR 2
      • on Windows 7
      • using IE 9
      • the extension uses d3 and polymaps as external js libraries
      • the error is not displayed when the dashboard is hosted on the server, but it juts freezes the dashboard every once in a while


      First of all many thanks for taking the time to read my question. If you have any ideas or suggestion in where to look to solve my problem, just let me know.


      Kind Regards,