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    Dynamic Bookmark based on Listbox "Current Week" value

      I have many bookmarks that are based on the "current week", i.e. every sunday/ monday, the end-user is expecting to see the same view (and report) of information but reflecting new data based on the current week.


      To-date, this has been a manual step of going into the app on Sunday and selecting the existing Bookmark, selecting the "Current Week" from my list box-- and then selecting to <Replace Bookmark>. I then save the app-- and its ready for the end-user.


      I am very sure that Qlik can support this requirement of maintaining the "layout" and "non-calendar" selections-- while allowing the "week" selection to update based on a variable that reflects the current week-- I just need some support with developing this.


      Please note that the "week" value is part of a list box that requires that one value is selected. Also note that I have a variable that I am using to default the selection to the current week upon opening of the app.


      Below is a screenshot for illustration. Thank you.


      6-5-2013 2-34-01 PM.jpg