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    Headcount trend report

    Jakub Szurogajlo



      I have a list of employees with [start date] and [end date].

      I must prepare a line trend report for each month in a year, showing trend...


      So bascially I must know how many employees were working on every month's 1st day and then create a line report which will connect those data dots...


      So employee was active on month's first when his start date <= 1/MM and his end date > 1/MM, or empty


      The tricky part is that I must also divide this information by other dimensions - for example function or division.


      So in one chart I must have separate trend lines for all functions for current year.


      How should I create expressions to achieve this?


      My biggest issue is with Month field I should use in chart, I do not know how to create a field in employee data for this...