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    Load DSO, delta from changelog table

    Terje Knappen



      I'm need to load data from DSO's.

      The problem is that my customer has been running SAP BW for a long time and the active table is very big.

      That is why I want to do a deltaload on the changelog table in the DSO instead so I don't need to touch the activetable.


      Is this possible with the QvSAPDSOConnector.dll or do I need to use QvSAPconnector.dll?

      The documentation (v 5.70) on the connector does not cover this.

      (I'm guessing that the DSO Connector uses only the active table)


      Thank you for any thoughts you might have on this.





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          Hi Terje,


          Using the QvSAPconnector.dll you can choose any table in the system to extract from.  So for a DSO that would be the 00 (active) or 40 (new) tables. 


          I would suggest using a date field in the active table of the DSO as your delta field and doing an incremental load.  If you can also add an index to the DSO with the date field in that will really speed things up.




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              Terje Knappen

              Hi Sean


              Thanks for your feedback.


              I'm using the QvSAPConnector.dll in other extracts and it works fine.


              My question is more of, why use the DSOConnector?

              Is there some magic in this making that faster than the other when extracting a DSO?

              If not, then I can use QvSAPConnector.dll on the delta.


              Not sure if I can implement indexes as I like and need, SAP BW is controlled by other people (read: consultants).