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    Last 7 Days Fri to Thur

    Alan Farrell

      I want to show this field as a header in a table…


      …the previous weeks dates, but this week doesn’t change until Friday of each week so for the whole of this week it’s for instance the 24th of May to the 30th of May, then on Friday the 7th of June that date changes to the 31st of May to the 6th of June. I want the date to change as the weeks progress, not manually change the heading every week.


      I’m using:

      ='+1 Weeks Sales '&date(today()-7,'DD/MM/YYYY')& '-' &date(today()-13,'DD/MM/YYYY')


      which works fine for a rolling week but I want the week to remain fixed at ‘last Thursday to the previous week Friday’.


      I then have to progress this formula to +2 weeks, +3 weeks….. always Thursday to Friday.


      Any Help is appreciated


      I have attached a sample Excel file of what I need