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    Filelist loop from sharepoint files



      I'm trying to do a loop through all the files in a sharepoint Document library.

      I use this instruction:

      for each FoundFile in filelist( '\\ent152.sharepoint.hp.com\teams\GSBEMEABizOps\demo\Demo Staff\Metrics\*.xlsx')

      The problem is that when I execute the script in local mode it works but not on the server.

      I gave access to the needed server profiles, I tryed with this instruction also:

      for each FoundFile in filelist( 'http://ent152.sharepoint.hp.com/teams/GSBEMEABizOps/demo/Demo Staff/Metrics\*.xlsx')


      Nothing seems to work.

      there aren't any iteration on this loop.


      Can anybody help me?