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    Item Association Analysis (Data Ming)

      Hi All,


      It is very nice to have a QlikView forum for us. I am a BI analyst and now conducting an item association analysis project, because I am very new to QlikView, thus I seeking for your helps or professional advice.


      For example, there are some transactions records of selected month and year over here:


      Customer MaryDavidAmyJasonPeterAlvinPaul
      Sales Order No.1111222233334444555566667777
      Items they buying:A, B, C, DA, B, C, EA, B C, FA, B, CA, B, CA, BA


      I looking for a report that showing:


      1.       1. If a customer buy item A, there are 86% possibility to buy item B.

      2.       2. If a customer buy item B, there are 71% possibility to buy item C.

      3.       3. If a customer buy item C, there are 57% possibility to buy item D and so on.


             With this information, we can promote item B to those customers who buy item A, or we can promote item C to those customers who buy item B etc etc.


             I wanted to achieve this in report expressions level, I guess we should use RANK, SET, and AGGR functions to do that. But I haven’t no ideas on how to realize that.


             More information for you to understanding that:


      I     1. There are around 10,000 items transacted in selected month.

             2. This is a monthly report, and might be extend to quarterly or yearly report.


             Many thanks for your great help and pointing me to the right direction.


            Kind regards