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    QV 11 - Drill down in field to open a straight table?



      I am using QV 11 and am trying to create a further drill down which opens up a straight table when any selection in a field is selected.


      I am aware that QV will drill down to the extent of narrowing down your selection data but want to open up another table which show further details behind that selection.


      Main Pivot = Budget Holder Report

      Field = This Months Actual


      Target Straight Table = GL Transactions


      1. Select figure in 'This Months Actual'

      2. Currently QV with select and show that rows data


      Intention at step 2 is to select a figure in 'This Month's Actual' and then open the 'GL Transactions' table.


      I am guessing I need to add a trigger to this field 'On Select' but am not sure where to add the 'Object ID'!!


      Am I on the right track or do I need to do something completely different?


      Any help would suffice,


      thank you in adavance