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    Issue with External Task and Proxy Authentication

    Luca Cavallari

      Hello Everyone,

      i'm having some problem running an .exe trough the QMC using Supporting Task:

      this .exe program goes on a URL to download .csv files and store them on a local folder, the server is under a PROXY but i have all the permission to reach the internet with the current user i'm using (which also runs qlikview services).


      The program works just fine if i launch it manually, but if i schedule it using the supporting task in QMC to execute and external task the logfile generated by this program returns this error: "The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required."


      Why does this occour only when launching it trough the QMC? Also, i have other QV files scheduled on this QV Server that get data from that same URL for analisys, and they can download data with no problem.


      (Using QVServer 11.20 SR1)


      Thank you in advance.