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    Mixing symbols and bars on combo chart (for gantt)

      Hi everyone,


      I am working with date data that contains tasks and milestones that I want to put into a Combo chart. In the past, I've had separate date fields containing my milestones (which I can just drop into the chart as expressions and have show up as milestones). With bar charts, however, my milestones go missing because their duration is 0 (see below screenshot--2nd line should contain a milestone between the blue and green bars).

      6-7-2013 8-33-11 AM.png

      Is the best way to get my milestones to show up:


      1) By adding them as expressions shown as Symbols (I've tried to make this work--no dice yet)

      2) By modifying my expression for 0 duration entries to have them show up--so something like:




      3) Another way?


      Please help. Thanks!