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    Set analysis to show when data overlaps

      I have data where one field (Category) could have connections to one or two values in another field (Domain).  I would like to make a graph that shows all the Category data (Cases) for a particular Domain.  Here's what I have for my chart expression:


      Sum({$<Domain = {'Domain1'}>} Cases)


      This should sum up all cases where at least one of the Category's Domain is Domain1.  And it does...mostly.  If I have no selections made, it reports correctly.  If I select Domain1, it works too.  However if I select another Domain, I would like it to show all Categories that are also Domain1 and it does not.


      For example, Category3 is connected to both Domain1 and Domain2.  No other category shares those Domains.  I expect that if I select just Domain2, the chart would show me just Category3.  However, instead it keeps showing me exactly what it showed before depite my selection. 


      I have attached my test file in case you would like to view it.  The chart I am referring to is called "Cases for Domain1."


      Any help would be appreciated.