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    Percentage calculation with null Dimension values.



      how to get the total with out null values...


      Column1 Column2

      Sale         20

      Share       10

      Rev          40

      -              10


      I need to calculated the percentage not with the column1 having '-' .


      %Column 3= Sum(Column2) / Sum(total Column2) which will be


      Also I have selected "Supress when value is Null" option  and it is providing me the below result

      Column1 Column2 column3

      Sale         20            20/100

      Share       10            10/100

      Rev          40             40/100



      But i need to display the chart as below and how can i get it in expressions but not changing in the script.


      Column1 Column2 column3

      Sale         20            20/90

      Share       10            10/90

      Rev          40             40/90