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    Data lost cue

    Kevin Wen

      Hi all,

          i have a problem hope your help. i have a dayly report reload time is 8:00AM every day from qvd.  the source data of qvd from oracle table, every day is a qvd file.and the oracle table get the new data from another system complete before 8:00AM. but, If any one day, the table of oracle is delay get the data. my QV report  run reload as before and not any cue.  this will cause  user found the data is lost but i don't know.  and it's impossibility i open the report check the date every,because have many report. so the question is oracle table delay ,data don't  go in QV report and i don't found be time.  i want have a cue about the data lost .    Thanks verymuch!!!

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          Stefan Wühl

          There are lots of different approaches, I think most / all of the require that you can detect the reload state of your oracle database somehow (e.g. by reading in a date column that will show a difference when reloaded), for example


          - when reading in your data from oracle, make sure to read in only when the refresh finished.

                    - e.g. by using a loop in your script (example here)

                    - or let an external system trigger the QV reload from oracle when ready using EDX


          - read in whatever the status of your database is, but monitor the status of your application. You can do this by storing the above mentioned information to a qvd (application, reload status) and build a small app that show the server administrator the overall status).

          Something similar to what Rob offers here