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    Appending rows to a table in a loop

      This is frustrating me more than it reasonably should, but here is my problem:


      I am trying to append rows in a table within an IF..ELSEIF..END IF loop. I have tried several variations and the latest that made sense is this (dummy code):




      Load * inline [

      Col1, Col2, Col3






      for i=0 to <some number>


        <business logic that calculates 3 variables>


        </business logic that calculates 3 variables>


         Var1 = 'DD';

         Var2 = 'EE';

         Var3 = 'FF';







      Autogenerate 1;





      I would expect the INLINE_TABLE_TO_BE_APPENDED to look like this after a few iterations of the loop..:


      Col1, Col2, Col3







      Instead I am greeted with a "missing/msplaced FROM" error and I just can't see it.


      The idea is to append rows to a table in a loop, this approach may be totally wrong, so please feel free to push me in the right direction.

      Any help is really appreciated!