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    Why is "Suppress Zero-Values" failing?


      I have problems to show clients that dont have any invoices in a Pivot/straight Table chart. Under the Presentation tab, I have unchecked "Suppress Zero-Values" (have also tried all possible combinations of the settings), but without success.


      I have been able to recreate the problem in the small attached document. My simple data model looks like this:


      I want to display the clientName as a dimension and sum all the sales for that client:


      My problem is that I have a client C that doesn't show up.

      I added the amount on invoiceLine level as a test during the troubleshooting and to my suprise;  Client C appears!


      Why this behavior? Is it because the Amount column "is to far away" from the client?

      To test that, I merged invoiceLines and invoiceAccounts with a LEFT JOIN:


      =Sum(Amount) works now and Client C is visible?

      I need to know (I'm curious) why this behaviour. In my real document, the model is more complex and I hope that I dont have to merge the two tables. But if that is the only solution.....


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