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    Count values

    Mario Van De Walle



      I have a listbox (only to show data) that contains a field "contracts_in_year1" that looks like



      Value, frequency

      0     506

      1     12440



      Value, frequency

      0     1206

      1     10577


      So to be clear there are 506 contracts that does not match and 12440 that are matching.


      Now I need to create a table


      Year1|count of only the matching contracts (12440)

      Year2|count of only the matching contracts (10577)



      I tried the following to get only the valid contracts but it does not work:

      if (Year=1, count({<[Contracts Year1]={1}>}[Contracts Year1]),if(Year=2,count({<[Contracts Year2]={2}>}[Contracts Year2], etc...))


      Any Idea why this is not working?



        • Re: Count values
          Stefan Wühl

          What do you mean with 'it does not work'? What do you get as result? And in what context are you using your expression?


          Besides this, I think you need to use 1 as value for every field modifier:


          if (Year=1, count({<[Contracts Year1]={1}>}[Contracts Year1]),if(Year=2,count({<[Contracts Year2]={1}>}[Contracts Year2], etc...))


          or to simplify your expression



          ,count({<[Contracts Year1]={1}>}[Contracts Year1])

          ,count({<[Contracts Year2]={1}>}[Contracts Year2])


          • Re: Count values
            Raj vadde

            for denominator 


            count ({<Year 1= {1},contract year1 = {1}>}Contractyear1)


            count ({<Year2 = {1},contract year2 = {1}>}Contractyear2)