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    Qlikview not loading document with full browser view. (Different errors per browser)



      We just updgraded Qlikview to SR2 and now if we view the web site in full browser mode it will not load the document.


      In chrome, it partially loads the document. (some controls are loaded and others arent) and gives out this error

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'offset' of undefined


      This is what I get, the huge white gaps are supposed to be controls.



      In IE 10 I get

      HTML1524: Invalid DOCTYPE. The shortest valid doctype is "<!DOCTYPE html>".

      opendoc.htm, line 1 character 1

      SCRIPT5022: SyntaxError

      QvAjax.js, line 25 character 33059

      XML5617: Illegal XML character.

      , line 1 character 25660

      XML5617: Illegal XML character.

      , line 1 character 25660



      In qlikview desktop I get an error when I change to web view. Even thoguh I've read that this may have to do with IE 10. It still does not expain why it happens in chrome.



      Any ideas or thought on how to go fix this?



      UPDATE: When I put my document from the local back to the server and reload the document. Once it's done, everything is back to normal.....FOR A LITTLE WHILE....when I come back jusst minutes later (or do a reload)....it will give ouff the problems stated above (chrome). I don't know if this helps.....but it doesn't help me at all in figuring out the issue.


      UPDATE: 6/10/2013: FOUND THE ISSUE!... and this might be an issue!!


      I created a copy of the document and started deleting objects and changing back and forth into web view until the error did not appear. I found out it was a chart that was causing the problem I dug in deeper and I knew that I had 'Enable X-Axis Scrollbar' option. I took it off and again tried web view and got no errors.


      To check for this I created a dummy document with a chart that had Enable X-Axis Scrollbar enabled and it also caused an error.


      Might this be a bug?! I think this was working on earlier version.




      UPDATE: NOT IT DIDNT!. This is so random! it started again.


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