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    AGGR with selections



      I have this expression:


      =sum(  $(vFiltroStockA)  EstadoUnidad = {'Sin Asignar'},  VariableNombre = {'Linea Barco'}, [Tipo Unidad] = {'Propias'} >}  aggr(if(num(LBMes) <> num(month(today()))  and num(LBMes) <> num(month(today())-1) and ReservaDiaSTOCK = 1, costoUnidades.costoUnidadQV  ),IDFabrica))


      $(vFiltroStockA) = filters for selection (do nothing when fields are selected) example: EMPRESA_0km = ,


      The problems is when select something in EMPRESA_0km field, aggr return 0... i dont know how to use aggr with selections, help!