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    Qlikview Publisher - Distribution of Report based on condition and multiple values in a list box

    Sandip Patel

      Hello all,


      I am need to distribute a report based on a condition.


      i.e. have a date field and id which is getting data every hour and it's datetime stamp field and the the qlikview model is getting refreshed every half an hour and based on the new values Qlikview published should generate reports for each id and distribute via PDF to the users. Sometimes there is no new records so means no new id has been added.


      How can I do that in Qlikview Publisher?


      Like. if the last data has been loaded 4:00 PM today and at 4:30 PM the qlikview model has been refreshed again so now we have 4 new entries in the report below as


      ID  Date

      23  10/6/2012 04:02:39

      24  10/6/2012 04:05:09

      25  10/6/2012 04:12:49

      26  10/6/2012 04:23:39


      So, now Qlikview publisher should generate four reports and send those to the users one by one. and sometimes there is no values between two refereshed.


      Is it possible via Publisher if yes than how?



      Thanks & Regards,