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    Reduced Document Name on QV 11 SR1

    Joaqu�n L�zaro



      I've this template for a Reduced Document Name on a QV 11 SR1 Server&Publisher


      %DocumentField,PDF_Titulo%  -  %HH% %mm% %ss%


      and works normally, but I want edited "time format" like this


      %DocumentField,PDF_Titulo%  -  %HH%:%mm%:%ss%


      When I added the semicolon to get an user friendly doc name, QV Publisher creates the document name with the portion between the semicolon; omitting the previous and the next part outside the semicolon.


      See this example: 11.pdf  ... if the task runs at HH:11:SS


      Please, what's the correct syntax to get this document name "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - 12:35:47.pdf" ?


      Thank you,