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    gauss curve in histogram

    Falko Thom

      Hello community,

      I am quite new experiencing QV.

      I have to build a diagram containing a histogram and a bell curve (gauss curve / normal distribution).

      For drawing the histogram I am using formula

      =count( [DLZ-Tage])

      For drawing the bell curve I am using formula

      =normdist((ceil(min([DLZ-Tage]))+Floor(Min([DLZ-Tage])))/2,avg({1} total [DLZ-Tage]),stdev({1} total [DLZ-Tage]),0)


      [DLZ-Tage] ist the amount of days it takes a single piece of work to be comleted.


      My only dimension is

      =class([DLZ-Tage], 1)


      In my diagram both graphs are shown (see snapshot), but I want the maximum of the bell curve to be drawn at the median (represented by the orange dotted line).



      Anybody an idea?


      Unfortunately I didn't receive an answer anfter I added the graph. Has anybody an idea that could help me?


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