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    Bookmark and user objects migration



      I'm using a QV server v10.

      I have to migrate to a QV server v11 SR 2.


      Unfortunately, my users (using Ajax version of the application) have many bookmarks and user objects.



      I tried to copy / paste the ".meta" and ".shared" files to have the same bookmarks / objects.

      It didn't work


      Is there a way to migrate my bookmarks and user objects from v10 to v11?

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          I looked into the ".shared" files and I think I've understood something: bookmarks are linked to "full path users".

          Eg. "my_old_server\username" and not "username".



          As my server have a new name, even if I have the same users, theire full name are "my_new_server\username".



          I can export ".shared" files into ".xml" files to edit them with Notepad, but I don't know how to create a new ".shared" file from a ".xml" file.


          Does anyone have an idea?

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              With the Power Tool "ServerObjectHandler", I can open my application, see the objects / bookmarks and replace "my_old_server" by "my_new_server".

              Then, in this very tool, I can see that all my user objects / bookmarks belongs to the users I want.


              BUT, when I open the document on my server, I don't see the user objects, and I see the bookmarks labels but they are ineffectives.



              So, I opened the new ".shared" file with the Power Tool "SharedFileViewer" to view what I have in the file.

              Almost every objects are owned by the right user ("my_new_server\username"), except:

              - some objects with no ID, with "ObjectContent" as Type

              - some objects with ID "Document\SH02" and "ObjectContent" as Type

              which are still owned by "my_old_server\username".


              How can I change this users as well?