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    How to resolve $ Dollar-sign expansions in field contents (load script / dimension)

      Hi all!


      I am currently desperate trying to resolve Dollar-sign expansions (e.g. $(xxx)) in my data during the load. What works perfectly fine is using the INLINE statement, i.e. filename gets resolved to "2013-06 Filename.xls":


      LET Year = 2013;
      LET Month = 06;
      LOAD * INLINE [
           $(Year)-$(Month) Filename.xls


      However, my data is that big in size that is not managable with INLINE load statement. Thus, I am maintaining an Excel file with a single row and filenames noted like above. But here is the problem. The filename is not resolved to "2013-06 Filename.xls" but keeps at "$(Year)-$(Month) Filename.xls".


      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is FILES);


      I have tried several things:


      • $(FILE_NAME) again
      • Evaluate(FILE_NAME)


      But nothing is working!


      How do I do that?


      If it is possible during load, can it still be done in the front end with calculated expressions?


      Thanks for your help!!!!