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    Sum sales last weekday



      I've been trying to write an expression to sum sales over the last weekday. So on Tuesday, I need to have the sum of all sales on Monday, etc. If I use the following set, I can sum Monday's sales:


      Sum({<[Calendar Day Name] = {"Monday"} >} _f_OK_SIGNUP)


      However, I cannot figure out how to create a dynamic set using the weekday function to sum the last weekday's sales. I've tried quite a few variations without success. Here's one:


      sum({<[Calendar Day Name] = {"$(=num(weekday(today()-1))"} >} _f_OK_SIGNUP)


      If I place =num(weekday(today(0)-1)) in a textbox it retruns 0, which is Monday, so I would have expected this to work.


      Any help would be much appreciated.