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    Deploy QV Dashboard on Public Website?

      Hiya Guys,


      Is it possible to use QlikView as an analytics tool for Website users?


      For example, if I have a Content Management System and Shopping Cart product which Customers subscribe to (eg: I host template websites using Joomla, or such like, and Customers then login to their backend Admin pages to configure/update their product catalogue database or page content)... is it possible to embed QV Dashboards into the website so Customers can analyse their trend data?


      Apologies if this question is a bit vague and doesn't make sense... this is just a thought I've had and I have no prior experience in the area!


      If anyone has any information then I'd love to discuss the options, and if anything needs clarifying please let me know (as I don't really know what I'm talking about/asking for!) :-)





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          Steve Dark

          Hi Steve,


          To push active QlikView content out through a browser can get very expensive very quickly - as you need to licence all users that may access content.


          What may make sense is to push some of the content from your QlikView documents to your web portal.  This can be Excel spreadsheets, PDF's or images lifted from your dashboard.


          One of the best ways of doing this is with a third party tool called NPrinting.  I have created a video showing how NPrinting can push content to Google Drive, but the destination could just as easily be to a web server:



          The video was created to illustrate this tutorial blog post on setting up NPrinting to distribute in this way:



          You can achieve similar results by creating macro code to run on the reload of the QlikView document, and you will find example code for this on QlikCommunity.  NPrinting however makes the whole process a lot simpler, quicker and more resilient.


          Hope this helps answer your question.