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    Expand Variables in 1 line...

      Hi There,


      I really should let this go but is it possible to write this in 1 line of code?


      I want it to be coded in the loadscript.


      To make what I want work I have done the following.


      Created 2 variables in QlikView:


      1. vAsAtRollingType = =AsAtRollingField

      2. vAsAtDateSelected = =$(vAsAtRollingType)


      The second one just expants the first one.




      1. vAsAtRollingType = MyFieldWith1PossibleValueWhichIsJan-2012

      2. vAsAtDateSelected = Jan-2012


      The above works as a two step process. Can I write it in one?




      =Only(=$(vAsAtRollingType ))


      Obviously the above doesn't work but something similar? Or does it have to be a 2 step process?


      Ideally it could all be coded in the load script...