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    hide expressions in bar chart

      Hi experts,


      i need to hide some expressions in a barchart without diababling them (because i need them for the calculation of the displayed bars).

      An example is attached.


      Thanks in advance and best regards



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The extra white space is because you didn't use a dimension in your chart. Don't ask me why, but that puts the bars more on the left side and leaves white space on the right. By adding a fake calculated dimension the bars are centered in the plot area. See attached example. I also use variables to store some expressions, but that's not necessary to center the bars.

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              Thanks Gysbert,


              the suggestion with the fake dimension brings me one step further.

              But that does not solve my main problem.


              You use variables to calculate the values in your example. That does not work in my original model.

              Isn't there any possibility to just hide some expressions? (Like with "Hide Column" in the "presentation"-options for staight tables)

              Example is attached.


              Would be great if you have another idea.


              Thanks and best ragards