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    Publisher and partial data reduction : is it possible ?



      We are currently facing this issue : we need to split an application according to one field value (it tells if the customer is a 'corporate' one or a 'field' one). We currently proceed like that : the 'corporate' value is selected, then we choose 'reduce data'. Thanks to this option, everything is consistent : all invoices that do not concern corporate customers are suppressed from the application, etc.


      However, the products that are not bought are also flushed. And we HAVE to keep them, since we also need to know which products are not bought (it is a strength of QV, isn't it ?)


      So, my question is : is it possible to do partial reduction through Publisher (we will soon have the license for it). ? Or do we have to do massive ETL job to reduce all the tables separately ? If so, is the loop & reduce feature of Publisher still useable (because we strongly need it to split applications across all countries) ?


      Thank you for your help and your experience,