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    Changing data in crosstable

    Paul Damen

      Dear all,


      I have an excel file (which is on the second tab off the script in the attached file). I am using a crosstable to get the data from the first row to a column and after that using the num function to set the dates back to dates, so far so good.


      But for some strange reason it is overriding the column behind the dates which contain the actual data. Instead off displaying the data it takes the date number and puts it in that column.


      Could anyone help me? I have attached the Qlikview doc and the Excel.




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          Paul Damen

          The strange thing is that if I load the data everything looks good, even after I performed the cross table. But when I press reload script and I look at the result after the load the date column and the data column with the numbers are identical.

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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              I think it's using the number as literal value as well as as field name. When I enclose the numbers in square brackets the values get loaded correctly:



              CrossTable(Datum, Data, 2)

              LOAD [KPI nr],











              ... etc.


              Load * seems to work too.