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    Create field that contains all combinations of two fields



      I am trying to create a new table from two other fields by taking all combinations of them.


      I have one field, CODE in the table DEFINITION_CODE that maps to field PHENO_VALUE in table PHENOTYPES via the id PHENO_DEFINITION_CODE_ID. These maps to a specific DONOR_ID in the table DONOR. (See the attached example)


      CODE contains phenotype codes (A, C, Fya, Ena and so on) and PHENO_VALUE contains values that these CODES can have (POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, INCONCLUSIVE).


      I want to take these two fields and generate a new field with all combinations (A+,A-,A?,C+,C-,C?,Fya+ and so on).



      I am attaching an example with the fields.


      Thank you for any help!