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    Set variable as seperator

      Hi all - This one is bugging me but I know one of you experts will get it straight away!


      I am concatenating two fields together into one new field in my load script, such as Company Code and Company Name.  i.e.



      CompCode & '-' & CompCodeDesc as CompKeyandTxt



      Which gives the user the user the key and text in one field seperated by -


      What I want to do is have a variable on the main tab which defines what character the seperator is so that I only need to change it once if the users decide they want a comma or space or anything else as the seperator.


      I've tried:-


      set vSeperator = '-';

      CompCode & $(vSeperator) & CompCodeDesc as CompKeyandTxt


      and numurous other variations without success.


      Can anyone help?


      Many thanks in advance.